A daring adventure begins…

I’ve been reading travel blogs for years and I am so excited to be able to start my own!  I’ll be posting all kinds of things but primarily this blog is to keep a record of my life as I set off to see the world.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and back in January I finally started making some concrete plans.  I  completed a TEFL certification course this spring (that’s Teach English as a Foreign Language for those not in the know) and decided to go teach in China.  My plans have evolved somewhat since:  I will be leaving at the end of August for Central America and will travel a few months before coming home for the holidays.  Then I plan to line up a job and head to China to teach after the new year starts.

This summer has just been busy, busy, busy so far trying to make plans and spend as much time as possible with friends and family before I go.  And August is sure to be even more hectic.  My mom and I ended July with an awesome trip to Vegas, hope to get some pictures up from that soon.  When I got back I started the countdown to my last day at work, which happens to be tomorrow.  Despite the little annoyances that accompany pretty much every job in the world I have enjoyed my job, like the company I work for, and love the people I work with.  So I’m super excited and really sad at the same time.

I’ve got a crazy weekend ahead too: dinner with some friends tomorrow, movies on Saturday, and the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5K bright and early Sunday morning.   But I don’t mind because I get to sleep in next week!  Well maybe one day.  Then I’ve got to start tackling the world’s longest to-do list.  Turns out, not working is a lot of work.  Especially when you’re planning an international trip.  I need to get new glasses, contacts, and travel vaccines before my health insurance runs out.  I need to get new travel/medical insurance.  I need an international driver’s license, visas, to file a will and an advance directive (creepy but you never know), withdraw money from my 401K and book a flight and all kinds of other arrangements.  Can’t wait to get started!

2 thoughts on “A daring adventure begins…

  1. I might be leaving comments throughout your blog I just found you and am going to sit here and read your posts in my free time, sorry I know these are old…just a heads up and also a thank you for writing this


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