Making Progress…

Sooo tired right now but I’m making myself post something before I fall asleep .  Last few days have been crazy busy, starting with my all-day over-the-top goodbye party Friday.  My friends really know how to throw a party.  Work was followed by drinks and dinner at Cheddar’s.  I’m going to miss our little gang.  

Saturday was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with some friends and their kids and I have to say it was surprisingly good.  Okay, it was awesome!  Liked the plot and the story was pretty true to originals, at least what I remember 20 years later.  Funny too.

Sunday was the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure; a little more subdued than usual what with the thunderstorms early morning.  I will say at least it didn’t rain while we were walking.  And we still managed to have fun together, as usual.  Enjoyed a brunch at Panera afterward, then all my typical weekend errands.

The last two days I’ve been making some headway with trip plans:  requested a withdrawal from my 401K (which is pretty much what this whole crazy plan hinges on), paid extra to have 2 day UPS delivery with tracking (because who in their right mind would trust the United States Postal Service with $11,000?), made some inquiries on places to stay in Costa Rica, submitted volunteer application to Wildtracks Belize (really, really hoping I can get in there because working with manatees would be awesome!), placed a record-breaking Amazon order (at least I broke my own record: 26 items, $500, in less than an hour-all trip related stuff), cooked dinner, and have spent the better part of the last 8 hours cleaning out as much of my material possessions as I can stand to part with, packing the remainder into storage tubs, while watching the first 3 Harry Potter movies on DVD.  And now to bed…

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