Six hours!

Whoo! Can’t believe it’s almost time to leave. Have to be up at 3am so I can get ready and get to the airport in time for 6am flight.  Debating whether I should bother to sleep at all at this point.  I just ran out of hours.  I spent all day packing and repacking, downloading software for my classes, getting paperwork together, etc.  I thought I had it all but apparently not.  I’m going to have to apply for my Belizean visa and for teaching jobs while I’m in Costa Rica so I’ve spent the last couple hours scanning copies of my passport, diploma, transcripts, insurance, etc into the computer as a backup.  And now I still have to find somewhere to cram all those little last minute items.  Afraid my backpack might explode; really hope the TSA doesn’t decide to open it because I’m not sure I can ever get everything back in!

I had a busy but fun last weekend at home.  Friday night went shopping for a few things I needed for my trip, then to dinner with my friend Cass and her daughter Kayla.  Went to the Sporting KC soccer game with friends on Saturday.  It was my first pro soccer game and it was awesome; those fans are crazy!  Sunday I got to hang out in the pool with more friends and family.  Then last night was dinner at my grandparents’, always great.  My grandma is a great cook: roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuits, corn, fried apples, salad, homemade cake with buttermilk icing and homemade malted chocolate ice cream.  I’m really going to miss everyone.  Can’t wait to get to Costa Rica though.  And I’m actually looking forward to my classes starting Thursday.  All right, more (and more interesting) stuff later-

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