Well I tried to post a video on here of my apartment but WordPress was not cooperating so I put it on Facebook instead. It’s a nice little place and everyone has been really friendly. Spent most of the day just getting settled in. Found a grocery store- Auto Mercado-which is very similar to what we have at home, even a lot of the same brands. Had lunch with my host Mary who was very nice, she says she’s my Tico mother while I’m here-Tico is what the people in Costa Rica call themselves. She had lunch ready when I got here-all “comida tipico”. Chicken and rice with beans, tortilla chips, and salad with cabbage, sort of like coleslaw but with lime juice on it. And fresh squeezed cas juice, which is hard to describe. The fruit looks like green tomatoes but tastes like something between lime and grapefruit and banana. Really, really good though.
Spent most of the afternoon getting stuff for my classes downloaded. So glad I don’t have a job because it’s a ton a work. I need a few things so tomorrow-I’m going to see if I can get around by myself. Mary’s daughter Thais gave me directions to the Office Depot. Here’s hoping I don’t end up hopelessly lost- I’ve never taken a bus before in any city so we’ll see.
Directions here are something else too. Nothing appears to have street numbers at all, just neighborhoods and descriptions. I am actually in Moravia, the north of San Jose. The house address is de “la esquina suroeste del Colegio Sion 150m, sur, Moravia, San Jose”, which means roughly “the street southeast of Sion School, 150 meters south, in Moravia”. That’s it.
And the traffic- just wow. People are crazy out there, honking, motorcycles everywhere, no lines on the road, people just swerve around. I wouldn’t drive here if you paid me!

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