So I turned 29 today-for the first time, but not the last. I’ve started to hate birthdays- they just remind me that another year went by and nothing changed. But this one didn’t bother me as much since I have made a lot of changes to my life this year and I’m finally doing things I’ve always wanted to do. And it was a pretty good day. Mary made a huge breakfast this morning and some more typical dishes for lunch: a sort of bean soup and ensalada Rusa – Russian salad, with beets, potatoes, and hard boiled eggs.



I also tried annonas-“sugar apples”, which look like sort of smoothed out artichokes on the outside but inside is this creamy white fruit that tastes like a custard.  I’m fascinated with all these new foods.  I’ve been cooking for about 20 years and I experiment with all kinds of food but I never even knew these existed.



Sundays are really quiet around here, a lot of things are closed. I actually read a real book today, no buttons, no batteries, just a good old fashioned paperback. Mary, Carlos, Thais, and Carlito surprised me with a birthday cake tonight and then we watched “Bailando con las Estrellas“-the Costa Rican version of Dancing with the Stars. I didn’t recognize anyone, but Thais says they don’t really have celebrities on it anyway. From what I could understand, the judges are nicer than ours.

Tomorrow I’m going to finish a paper for class and then see if I can find my way to the mall.

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