September 5, 2014

Had a rather domestic day.  I was going to go to Arenal with Carlos but Thais’s car broke so he stayed home to take care of it.  We’re going to get up really early tomorrow instead and go.  So this morning I walked to the Plaza Lincoln mall and looked around.  It’s a lot like our malls; in fact the food court is entirely Americanized.  Recognize this?

The mall was about a ten minute walk from here and there’s a grocery store inside so I picked up a few things and came home and cleaned my apartment and did some laundry in the crazy washing machine. All the labels were in Spanish so I just sort of winged it. Everything seems to have come out clean but the washer did walk halfway across the kitchen when I put everything in the spinner. Oh well.
This afternoon was an absolute downpour, even more than usual. There was flash flooding in San Jose, thunder and lightening everywhere. I just stayed in and watched TV. Mary and I watched her soap opera, or novella, La Gata while she made some squash soup. Crema de Apatito: cooked and blended up green squash, butter, onions, peppers, cilantro, and cream.

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