September 14, 2014

So went to the bookstore the other and spent this morning trying to get through this:

IMG_0121 IMG_0122

Took me about an hour to get through the first five pages.  I had the book in one hand and Google Translate up on my phone in the other.  But I think my Spanish is getting better.  Spent a little while on Skype with my mom, and my dog, Domino.  I don’t care what anyone says, he understands exactly what we’re saying.  And he actually waved his paw when we hung up. 😀

Tomorrow is Costa Rica’s Independence Day.  Mary and I walked to centro Moravia tonight where the festivities were starting.  The local schools were shooting off tons of firecrackers, right in the middle of our neighborhood, right over the power lines and feet from the busy central street.  Something I don’t think would be permitted at home but hey, it looked cool.

IMG_0123 IMG_0124

Moravia’s central park was packed, with speakers and a band in the gazebo.  It’s Lantern Night, and everyone was carrying elaborate lanterns, shaped like houses, dolls, flowers, Costa Rican flags.  And…giant umbrellas, because it started pouring as soon as we got there.  So we didn’t stay very long.  We came home and had some dinner-Mary made this sort of corn chowder with this different type of white corn, tomatoes, diced pork, and spicy chiles.  I’m adding it to my list of things to recreate…

Tomorrow is the big parade in downtown San Jose so I’m going to get up early and take the bus to go check it out. Probably going to be crazy with people but I want to see it.

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