Not much to report but I just thought I’d post some pictures from Monday.  The parade was, so many kids in all kinds of traditional costumes.  Only watched for an hour or so, then did some shopping downtown, but it was still going on an hour after that.  Beautiful day for it too.


Street art is very big here, and there are parks everywhere:


Then today we went to buy bus tickets for Golfito on Friday.  Golfito sounds like a strange place.  It’s this little town that’s pretty much all duty free shopping, but there’s all kinds of rules and regulations, like you can’t buy anything the day you arrive.  Mary is going to buy some stuff for the house in Puntarenas and wanted me to go.  So we leave here early Friday, and she has to apply for a card to buy stuff there, and apparently you can negotiate for whatever you want to buy, but then we have to spend the night and come back to the shop to actually buy stuff the next day.  Yes, bizarre.  So I’m going along to check it out because everyone told me “it’s an experience”.  Doesn’t sound precisely fun, but I’m curious, plus it’s right on the ocean, so it can’t be that bad.

Mary’s friend Cecilia, who lives next door, went with us to buy tickets and we walked all over San Jose.  When we got back she made us some steaks and baked potatoes for lunch and we watched a La Gata, a novella, or soap opera.  I followed along enough to know somebody got left at the alter and nobody was happy.  But then the fact that it’s a soap opera would tell you that.  And I got to spend time with Pupi, Cecelia’s little toy poodle.  He’s so cute, he just hopped up in my lap.  He reminds me of my Grandma’s dog Kenya, she always had toy poodles.  I miss my dogs, but it was nice to visit.

See?  Adorable:


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