September 25, 2014

Not much to report, it’s been a pretty slow week.  I spent 2 hours this morning just wandering around the neighborhood, down to the bank for some cash, past the Catholic high school and the convent next door.  The nuns here dress all in white and don’t seem nearly as intimidating.  I meandered through the Moravian cemetery, also all white.  The graves are all above ground and covered in white tile and brightly colored flowers, not at all gloomy.

There is the sweetest little dog there, tied outside the office.  All the dogs here are kept tied, you see them outside all sorts of businesses, and kept more as guard dogs than pets.  They aren’t abused, they all look healthy enough, and get food and water, but they don’t get much attention that I can see.  Most of them go crazy when someone walks by, jumping and barking, but this one just looked at me and wagged his tail.  I had to go over and pet him and when I did, he wiggled so hard he fell over, just so excited.  I wonder if he just stays there tied by the graves all day, every day, while his owner is inside working, and if anyone every talks to him or pets him.  The thought depressed me more than the graveyard itself.

Mary has been scrubbing the house and the apartment for two days and doing load after load of laundry to get ready for the other guests arriving tomorrow.  I’ve offered to help but she won’t let me; the most I can do is wash some dishes when she’s not looking.  And she wanted my opinion on some new furnishings for the apartments.  I’m going downtown with her tomorrow to meet the new norteamericanos, as we are called here. They’ll be staying for a month and Mary thought she might need me to help her with English.

Otherwise I’ve been working on homework and my resume.  I sent in two applications today for TEFL teaching jobs in China, where I’m hoping to find a place sometime early next year.  One was with a recruitment company actually, and one with America Town Education, which I really like the sound of.  They have some good benefits, like you get 12 hours of free Chinese lessons every week.  I’d like to learn some of the language while I’m there.  Keeping my fingers crossed!


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