Nothing much to report on but I’m trying to stay up to date here. Had a relaxing weekend. Did some IKEA shopping with Jess Monday night, always fun, and managed to leave before they kicked us out.
Yes this is Jess. Yes, she’s laying on a stack of boxes in the warehouse. No, I don’t know why.
We did some exploring the next day and found an American-style diner with real hot chocolate, French toast, and bacon. I realized that I am officially a Beijinger now as I carry my backpack everywhere and am never without an umbrella and a bottle of hot tea. We also found this awesome camera store with all kinds of old and new cameras, even film and analog video recorders, old records. I foresee a good chunk of my income disappearing in there. Mostly I just enjoyed the weather though-it finally feels like fall. A somewhat smoggy fall, but I’ll take it.
Yes, I am playing in the leaves. Because I’m five years old, that’s why.
Otherwise, it’s just been a lot of fun with the kids:
And I got my next Hong Kong visa run booked today. But this time Jess is going with me and we’re going to Disneyland! Also, it will be warm there in November and it is not here!

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