I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process. ~Vincent Van Gogh

…Or at least given myself a migraine. I now have four jobs and I’ve been finishing up finals projects this week. Of all the things I’ve been doing I think this Interactive Authoring class is the most demanding. I haven’t had much time to do anything this week. I met Jess Monday night to try a new restaurant for dinner-the Smokeyard. And on Thursday my friend LiLin showed me a bookstore in Xidan-Beijing Books. It is enormous-four floors of books, one floor almost entirely art and design. They have lots of English books, and other languages, plus art supplies. And then there’s a smaller, separated store in the basement that’s entirely imported books. We stayed in there browsing for a long time. Not much else, but I just thought I would post the links to the site I created.



The assignment was to choose any place we wanted and create a promotional website and banner ads for it. The first page is just a display page for these banner advertisements I created. They’re linked to the home page of the website I designed and built. It still needs some work, but I need a break from it. It looks simple but we had to write the html/css code to build the page and the javascript code to create the animations, hence the migraine. Now I’ve got all my projects turned in and I’m about to tackle my lesson plans for the week. I’m dreading going to work tomorrow though. Not because of the job, I’m just dreading going out in the cold! Today was the first day in two weeks I haven’t had somewhere to go so I stayed in and worked. But I had to run out for groceries this afternoon and it was awful. This is the coldest it’s been here: -15 to -20 degrees the last couple days. I had on two sweaters, two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, a wool coat, fur-lined boots, and a scarf over my head, and still in the time it took to walk out of my apartment complex I was completely numb from the cold. The wind is crazy. The only perk is the blue skies; as long as it’s cold and windy there’s no smog! Although I’m about to start wearing a mask just to keep my face warm…

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