Happy Children’s Day!

Yes, it’s a real thing. Apparently it’s one of the few holidays not celebrated in America but it’s a big deal in many other countries. Many schools had celebration, including one I teach at. It was a lot of fun actually. They rented a bounce house and a wading pool with boats and had all kinds of games. There are only 5 kids in the preschool class, but the school is located in a big gated apartment community where everyone knows each other, so families were stopping by all afternoon:

stick and hoop game

Who knows this game? Cookie-in the orange shirt-was getting the hang of it after a while.


jump rope

Some good old-fashioned jump roping-I’m surprised but I actually remembered how!

jump rope

Elsa’s face is priceless here!


Sometimes the simplest things are the most fun-turn kids loose with cardboard boxes and paint and see what happens-

flowers and stream

The grounds of the school’s community are really beautiful-I took a little walk around this afternoon.

And I finally booked my next visa run-I’ve been debating where to go for a month but I decided last minute to go to Busan (formerly Pusan). I leave at 2:50am on a Thursday-joy 😦  But I’ll have two full days there before coming back on a Saturday. I’m so excited to be going anywhere besides Hong Kong for once!


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