June 12, 2016

No big news to report, just some pictures. Jess and I got to hang out and relax last Sunday and found some new places to explore. We visited the Sanlitun SOHO area of the city and found the Meow Cafe, which was really cool. It’s a cafe pretty much ruled by cats.


A crazy hailstorm on Friday cleared the air for a whole 8 hours. I got to see blue sky for the first time in weeks! And a sunset-I actually don’t remember the last time I saw the sunset.


Beautiful skies and zongzi-a sticky rice dumpling with sweet filling wrapped in bamboo and steamed, traditional for the Duanwu Festival.

Thursday was a holiday-Duanwu, or Dragon Boat Festival-so I had a four-day weekend. I’d like to tell you I did something really cool and interesting and significant but in reality I didn’t leave my house. On the one hand I feel boring and like I wasted a lot of time. On the other hand, staying home feels like a luxury here. It’s been miserably hot and smoggy lately but I had four whole days at home with my AC, air purifier, DVD player (and of course, homework), without dealing with subways, buses, or people. That’s like a vacation in itself. Sometimes it’s good to be lazy.

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