You win some, you lose some

Just some first week of school pictures. We had a pretty fun, busy week. I only have six kids, 4-5 years old. They are a pretty good group. It’s the only all-day class at the school, 8:30-4pm. Then I have one-on-one tutoring with some other kids.

We went on a nature walk and found different leaves to make rubbings of.
My preschool class learned about different continents for our International Cultures class. And Ella and I (on the right) played Scrabble-she came up with some good words! Even managed to spell her name 🙂
For science we learned the difference between fruits and vegetables, and did some sampling.
And this week we learned about Brazil in International Cultures. So Friday we made bolinhas de arroz, these Brazilian rice and cheese balls. They were a hit!

Friday night Jess and I celebrated the end of the week by getting pedicures, dinner and drinks at Eudora Station, and watching a new band. Saturday we went to see a movie to get out of the heat and smog. We picked one at random, thinking it would be Chinese but it was actually Russian, dubbed over with English voice actors, and Chinese subtitles. It would have been great except for the voice actors. It was like watching a really serious movie with cartoon voices. Interesting experience. Then, we decided to relax with Chinese “health massage”. Unfortunately, there is nothing relaxing about Chinese health massages. It’s more like having someone repeatedly try to tear all the flesh off your bones and then run you over with a truck. Really, it’s unfathomable how a 90lb Chinese woman could do so much damage. Every time I move it hurts. But it’s effective if you go regularly, so I’m going to try it out.

Then things started going downhill. On the way home we had the worst cab driver in the world. When we stopped to get groceries I realized I had lost my phone. I was not particularly upset over this as my phone is a piece of junk that will no longer hold a charge longer than an hour. So I was briefly excited to buy a new phone. But then Jess called the spa and it turns out I had left my phone there. So we turned around and went back to retrieve it. As we were leaving, we noticed a phone store next door. I took it as a sign to replace my sucky phone and picked out a new one. Went to pay. Realized I had, once again, left my debit card in an ATM. Yes, for the second time in 6 weeks. So I abandoned the new phone and we raced back home to the ATM, called the number, and found it will take up to a week to retrieve. Although they were really nice about it. Then this morning as I was headed out to the grocery store I realized the front tire on my bike was almost flat. Took it to a nearby bike shop and filled up. The back was a bit low so I topped it off, too. A little too much. I got about two blocks before there was a loud BANG and my rear tire busted. No problem, I’ll just take it back to the bike shop…oh wait…no debit card, no money. So, yeah, fun times.

After my series of fiascos, not to mention residual pain from the massage, I decided to hide. So this afternoon Jess and I piled all the pillows and comforters in the house on her bed, grabbed some junk food favorites, and watched a triple feature of Aladdin, Neighbors 2, and Cast Away, which I had somehow never seen. Then we updated our wall mural with recent activities.

Blue skies, blue toes, strawberry mojitos, pillow mountain, Overdrive, and our lunch spread: PB&J, cheese and crackers, fruit, chocolate cookies, tea and soda.
Mural updates: that time Jess set her pillow on file, Chaoyang Park with Trevor, and our new catchphrase-WWTHD?

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