Time and Traveling, Mostly Just Time

Note: Just to let everyone know, Jess and I will both be posting here on A Daring Adventure for the next couple of weeks. She will be sharing her experiences in Israel and starting next weekend I’ll be sharing stories from Spain. That said, here’s the first post from Jess.


Time. We don’t appreciate it, enough. We don’t understand it. We hardly acknowledge it. We simply take it for granted, and try to make it ours. Time is on our time.
That doesn’t have to make sense, but that is how I have started to perceive time. I am giving myself approximately 10 minutes to write down bits and pieces about my trip from Beijing, China to Har Adar, Israel. Yes, I set up a timer on my phone which is set beside my computer and in front of my potently strong coffee. It is going to go off in 8m41s. Here we go. It was 10pm, and I was at home packing last minute items for my trip. I had the intention of packing the night before, Thursday, but I was exhausted.
The entire two weeks prior to my trip, I was hastily walking from one parent-teacher conference to the next. No, my school doesn’t just set aside a couple or few days for these things. We still teach. We still follow through with our daily tasks and routines, tending to the children and all of the paperwork, on top of meeting with our parents to discuss their child’s progress. It is wild. I made myself sick from drinking so much coffee and other caffeinated beverages. That said, I was not about to come home and pack. I went to a Thursday night fellowship gathering instead, and I am glad that I did. I was surrounded by some people that I care deeply for, and have been drawing nearer to. I met new people. I worshiped. I held a friend that couldn’t breathe because she was crying so hard. I hugged and laughed and talked with people. I enjoyed time away from dishes, laundry, work, cleaning, and everything else that had taken all of my time and energy. It was 10pm, and I was finally finishing up the packing. I was ready to leave the house, and head to the airport express subway station. A station that is just a 5 minute tuk tuk ride, 6-8 minute taxi ride, or a 15-18 minute walk from my house. It is now 10:15pm, and there are still no taxis or tuk tuks, and walking to the station would be of no use. I should have walked to begin with, but I honestly just did not feel like it. My flight was boarding at 1:20am, and departing at 2am. It is Chinese New Year, and around 2.9 billion people are traveling nationally and some internationally. This includes the Chinese as well as the foreigners. I walk down the road a bit, to the busiest street near me, thinking that I’d surely catch a taxi from there. At this point, I was going to have to pay for a taxi, because the subway stations were all closed. It is just past 11pm, and I am finally getting into a black cab. I was preparing myself to give him more than double what I’d pay for a regular taxi. The street is full of people looking for taxis. My alarm is going off in 2s. I’ll write more later.

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