Hello Hanoi!

So far I have had spectacular luck dodging the weather this trip (knock on wood). I was a bit nervous yesterday when I got to BCIA and saw this:sdrFlights were being cancelled and delayed all around me. It had been raining most of the day in Beijing and there were thunderstorms in Guangzhou where I had a layover. But by some miracle my plane actually left on time and landed in Guangzhou early. I was exhausted and dazed at that point and sort of stumbled through immigration and found a coffee shop to sit and zone out in until my next flight. We were a bit late taking off but not too bad, and from the plane I could see the thunderstorms out the window. It was surreal. It was pitch black outside, but when lightning lit up the sky I could see black clouds below us, and here and there patches of city lights shone through, but we were above the rain. In the distance, the lightening danced on the horizon and lit up the mountains, bright as daylight. I wish I could paint things the way I see them; some things can’t be put into words.

It wasn’t raining when I landed in Hanoi and I breezed through immigration with no waiting, no lines (it was after midnight), got a cab immediately and went straight to my hotel, although it was quite a drive from the airport. The guy checking me in was really nice and it’s a small hotel so there was not much of a check in process. He photocopied my passport, gave me a key, and I believe I was asleep within an hour of the time I landed at the airport. My room is so cute:


It was pouring rain when I woke up and ate breakfast, stopped just before I went out to explore, and started raining again just after I came inside to rest this afternoon. I grabbed my umbrella when I went out later to get dinner, but there wasn’t a single drop. I came back to my room, and now it’s raining again. I actually don’t mind getting rained on, but this is nice too!

I’m staying in the Old Quarter of Hanoi and my hotel is about a 2 minute walk from Hoem Kiem lake, which is lovely. I walked all around it and explored a bunch of streets and shops.





My favorite place was The Note. It’s a three-story coffee shop, and every inch of it, walls, chairs, tables, windows, the air conditioner, even the ceiling, is covered in notes people have left from all over the world. I got some iced Vietnamese coffee (coffee mixed with with sweetened condensed milk), and took it upstairs to enjoy the view of the lake and write my notes. I wandered around a bit reading notes other people have left too, about everything: life, travel, love, secrets, jokes, thank-yous, happy birthdays, apologies. All the notes have little square notes that you can peel the back off when you’re down and stick anywhere you want. The employees were wonderful as well, incredibly friendly. The manager was going to all the tables to chat and encourage people to write anything, asking where they came from. Everyone in there was all smiles.



Tomorrow it is off to Ha Long Bay, hopefully. Today’s tours were cancelled due to the weather on the bay, but maybe my luck will hold…


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