4 days left!

I’m not even sure how that happened. These last few weeks have flown by. I only have four full days left before I leave for Costa Rica-crazy! And I have been going nonstop all week. My truck sold within 24 hrs of posting it on Craigslist. I know it’s silly but it made me sad to leave it. My truck was the first big purchase I ever made and I paid for it all myself, and we went all over the country together: from KC to New Orleans, to Minnesota, way out in the middle of nowhere western Kansas.
I also cleaned out bag after bag of stuff from my room and sent it off to Goodwill. I feel so much better not having so much clutter around, but at the same time it feels a little disorienting. I have some things packed away but the majority of everything I own can be packed up and carried anywhere in the world. I bought a backpack and packing cubes this week and I’m trying to get everything organized. I know this probably makes me weird, but I actually love packing. It’s like a big 3-D puzzle to me.
Let’s see, I got my flight booked (multi-destination from KC to San Jose to Belize City, then back to KC for the holidays) and my first month in an apartment in San Jose. I got travel insurance, called my credit card companies to let them know I’d be out of the country, got enrolled in the Art Institute, did some shopping, cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more. Also got to spend time with some family and friends before I go. Can’t wait to go so I can finally (hopefully) have some time to relax!

Started my day off in rush hour traffic to get down to the health department for all the vaccines I need before I leave. All THREE of them. That’s THREE needles. As some of you may know, I am not too fond of anything involving needles. Oh what’s that? You’d like to present me with the award for World’s Biggest Understatement 2014? Why, thanks.

Yeah, so, any day that starts with needles is going to suck (especially since my arms were already so sore from cleaning and painting all weekend) so I decided to get all the other unpleasant tasks crossed off my to-do list and just write the whole day off. Next stop, Longview- 1 hour wait to enroll for classes (that coincidently started today, can I get the award for Top Procrastinator as well?). Then another hour waiting for financial aid advisor who was a witch. But I couldn’t get all the classes I needed so after all that I changed my mind and decided to reenroll at the Art Institute online, which doesn’t start until 8/28 so I have more time to get stuff together. Plus, their sessions run five weeks so I can take one or two and then skip the Nov-Dec session. Since I got some details about the Wildtracks place I will be volunteering at during that time and found that there is no wifi, internet is only turned on 8am-5pm, and they run solely on solar power. Not exactly conducive to online classes.

After I got out of there, I grabbed lunch and finalized my Belize trip and put down a deposit, ordered my backpack, posted an ad to sell my car, and then ran over to the optometrist to pick up the contacts I ordered. And then did I get to go home? Nope. Spent another hour at my doctor’s so I could get a prescription for malaria pills, and then had to go to the pharmacy to have it filled. Came home and finished cleaning out all my stuff. My bedroom is now spotless except for my newly established “packing corner”. Yeah, every time I find or buy anything that needs to go with me it just gets tossed on the heap:


Not sure how I’m going to get it all in one bag, but at least everything’s in the same place…